Yeesha’s Journal 10

This section contains spoilers which could ruin the game for you if you have not played it before, or have not yet reached the end.

This may contain spoilers from the other Myst games.

How could I have not seen the true path? I see it now so clearly. But can I get another chance to make things right?

They came. They came to D’ni-those who felt called. I knew they would. I was prepared for them, and I pointed the way. I spoke often of the pride of D’ni, of their belief in their own power and strength and the reason D’ni once fell. And a few understand. And they began to follow me. I am the Grower-I would lead them to rebuild.

Yet another burden.

Yeesha Journal Drawings

But what is the task of the Grower? My father wrote another Age, but I see that the tree is not a place, but a people-the heart of a people, That is what I must grow.

If only I had another chance to make things right. The Tablet is the key-how could I have failed?