Myst Film & TV Show Update

Hollywood Reporter has posted news regarding the Myst film/TV show.

“Village Roadshow Entertainment Group has acquired the film and television rights to the classic adventure puzzle video game Myst. The production company will mine the game’s deep mythology of the Myst franchise to develop a multiplatform universe across film and television (both scripted and unscripted).

Village Roadshow will develop and produce the projects alongside Myst co-creators and brothers Rand and Ryan Miller, as well as Delve Media’s Isaac Testerman and Yale Rice. Village Roadshow will take on a “full-scale approach” to developing Myst content, utilizing its entire creative team to adapt the properties across film and TV.”

Checkout Hollywood Reporter’s full article for more information.

[Update]Variety have also written an article about it.

Cyan’s New Game Firmament Kickstarter Live

Cyan have launched a new Kickstarter to fund Firmament their new game aimed at the VR market, although a PC version will also be available for those without VR equipment.

“Firmament is the next step in the evolution of Cyan, deeply rooted in the spirit of Myst, Riven, and Obduction. Welcome to an all-new, enigmatic narrative adventure.”

You can back the project here.

Jeff Zandi has Passed Away

Jeff Zandi, known to the Myst community for his counterpart in Uru and widely known in Magic the Gathering circles has passed away according to his Facebook page

Ty Thomason also touched upon Jeff’s death in his blog entry “Jeff Zandi and the Texas Magic Hall of Fame”:

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you.

Jeff Zandi has passed away, and with his absence there will be a hole that can never be filled. Texas Magic will never be the same.

Throughout the history of Magic in Texas, Zandi has been pretty much the only constant. When I started playing competitively in 2003 he already had the respect of the entire community. It seemed to me he was the elder statesman of Texas Magic, and that he’d always been that way.

Read the rest of Ty Thomason’s blog post.

Myst 25th Anniversary Books Start Arriving

Several backers have been reporting that their Myst 25th Anniversary Linking Books have started arriving.

Rium has posted a review upon his blog with plenty of pictures.

“The Myst 25th Anniversary Kickstarter rewards are finally getting sent out! Since I got lucky & somehow managed to be one of the first in the world to gain access to one, I thought I’d post some photos & a bit of a review of them. Fair warning, this post is gonna be a bit long & a bit image-heavy, but that’s probably what you’re looking for anyway!”

You can read his review here if you don’t mind being spoiled:

New Patch for Uru CC

After a long, long time a new patch has been released for Uru CC by Mark “Chogon” DeForest.

I have recently been able to recreate the environment to build the Uru:Complete Chronicles executables! I have created an update beta patch that I would like to open up beta testing to all that have purchased Uru:Complete Chronicles.
If you have comments, questions or bugs, please post in this thread.

The beta patch is at


The patch holds new new content but does add some features like widescreen support.

1) Version displayed in the title of the game window (if in windowed mode)
2) Win10 Cursor fix (from Adam Johnson and Joseph Davies)
3) HD resolution support (16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratio resolutions).
4) DirectMusic disabled

You can read the full forum post by Chogon here:

Cyan Collection On Sale [Steam]

The Cyan Collection is currently up on the Steam Daily Sale and will be for the next 68 hours.

The sale covers Obduction (65% off) The 5 Myst games (40% off) Uru Complete Chronicles (40% off) Cosmic Osmo, The Manhole, and Splenux (all 65% off)

New Myst Music from Russell Brower

Cyan have posted a new update to Kickstarter about the 5 Myst tracks being produced by Russell Brower and the updated Uru soundtrack.

Hello Backers!

We’ve got emails launching today to deliver the Bandcamp codes for the URU soundtrack with bonus tracks, and Russell Brower’s “Music Inspired by MYST” digital downloads.

The email you’ll receive will not only contain two codes – one for the URU soundtrack with bonus tracks, and one for Russell’s fabulous, inspired music – but will also contain these directions with the steps to help you redeem your music.

Russell’s Ages Inspired by Myst contains the following 5 tracks.

  • Arrival of the Stranger
  • The Fifth Age of Gehn
  • Releeshahn in Peril
  • Amulet of Memories
  • Inscriptions

Each track is based from each of the five Myst games.

The Uru Soundtrack has been updated with 10 “new” tracks. These new tracks have been heard before in game but not been available outside of the games SFX folder. The new tracks are as follows.

  • Sacred Space
  • Spore Views
  • Er’cana Harvest
  • K’veer Echoes
  • K’veer Finale
  • Minkata Badlands – Reprise
  • Dark Skies of Minkata
  • Return
  • Private Resonance
  • Storms of Yeesha

Backers will receive a download code for the two soundtracks regardless of the amount pledge (even if you pledged $1).

Cyan To Publish VR Game Zed.

Cyan have set up a new publishing label called Cyan Ventures and will be publishing the VR narrative game Zed.

Myst and Riven publisher Cyan has shifted into virtual reality games, and it is moving further in that direction as the publisher of an externally produced VR game dubbed Zed.

The Spokane, Washington-based Cyan has started a new publishing label, Cyan Ventures, to launch games that can foster creative narratives in VR and publish new titles by indie developers. The game is targeted for the PC as well as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets in the spring of 2019.

You can read the full article at Venture Beats

Myst 25th Kickstarter Rewards To Ship Soon

Cyan have updated their Kickstarter page with details on when the physical rewards will start making their way to the backers.

We’ve received word from the production house that manufacturing is almost complete! Boats have been reserved and by November 11th the linking books and inkwells will be loaded to begin their journey to your doorstep!

It’s been hard to wait for news on this, we know – even we didn’t find out about the product being ready until it was ready!

Shipping news

After the boat ride – between 4 to 6 weeks at sea (depending on destinations) – the Myst 25 rewards will be transported to Blackbox’s fulfillment centers for final processing.

Centers in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States will get their shipments. Then Blackbox will check, process, and pack the rewards for final shipping to your homes. This processing is expected to take between 2 to 4 weeks.
Those following along with a calendar can see this means rewards aren’t going to be arriving in time for Christmas.

After Blackbox has received, checked, processed, and packed the rewards for final shipment to you, the additional shipping time from Blackbox to each individual means we’re hoping Backers will start to see their rewards arrive by early February. This is our best guess, because until the product is in transit, this is all we know. We’ll keep you updated as we know more information.

They went on to state that the physical copies of the games are going to be shipped independently from the Linking Books and there is a good chance they’ll show up before Christmas. Cyan will be posting further updates on this in the future.

Finally they had the following to say about the Mac releases of the Myst games.

Some of you might have noticed a number of the Myst 25 games for macOS 10.13 have started appearing as available in GOG and Steam. While there was a glitch showing them as playable before they were quite ready, we can now share with you that 6 of the 7 are ready to play NOW!

Sorry there wasn’t more fanfare – we did a soft launch in order to catch any bugs that might have crept by our intrepid test team.

There are a few bugs we’re still chasing down and addressing as we find them.

We’ve also still got a bit more work to do on URU: Complete Collection before the macOS 10.13 build is ready to play for everyone. There are a number things to iron out there. Look for it in the coming weeks.

New Riven Models On Cyan’s Thingiverse

Cyan have paired up with the guys at the Starry Expanse project to offer more models for 3D printing on their Thingiverse page.

5 new models from Riven has been added to the already existing Myst objects that were unlocked via the 25th Anniversary Kickstarter community goals.

The new models are Gehn’s Pipe, a Whark, the Maglev, a Riven dagger, and the Telescope that sits above the Fissure.

You can see and download the models for printing from here: