Dr. Watson Interview

After the DRC’s restoration effort in 2004 and the group left the cavern I got a chance to have a quick chat to the DRC’s Chairman Doctor Watson.

Tweek: The DRC site has ground to a halt – do you plan on releasing any more of the information regarding D’ni to the public?

Dr. Watson: I think it’s safe to say that more information will be available over time, but it most likely will not be coming from the DRC.

Tweek: I daresay this is a painful topic but what did happen to John Loftin?

Dr. Watson: Yes, a very painful subject. Suffice it to say that there was an accident. The tragedy is that it could have been avoided if we had just been more careful.

Tweek: What’s in store for the DRC now that the restoration has ended? Where will you go from here?

Dr. Watson: Unfortunately, for now, we’re all working on other things. The former members of the DRC still keep in contact with one another, but we are not the DRC anymore. We still are holding out hope that we can continue the project at some point, maybe in a different way. In the meantime, we’re all just trying to pay our bills.

Tweek: What have you and the people of the DRC been doing lately?

Dr. Watson: I’m taking some “down-time” to recuperate after the rude awakening from a decade-long dream. So for now, I’m currently working with Cyan full-time. The others have gone on to various projects at various companies.

Tweek: Did you decide to take Yeesha’s Journey and, if so, how did you find it?

Dr. Watson: I did take her first journey. When I reached the end, I spoke with her at length, and have since taken other journeys that she’s led me to.

Tweek: How did you feel about all the factions that appeared in the Cavern, i.e. The Third Path, The Great Tree etc.?

Dr. Watson: Honestly, I was too focused on the restoration itself to pay much attention to the various factions at the time, so I really cannot comment on them. I had imagined that we had a much longer time to get to know them after the frenzy of efforts in trying to open the cavern for everyone had settled down a bit. Unfortunately, the frenzy calmed down in a completely different way than I’d anticipated, so that didn’t happen.

Tweek: I’d just like to say thank you for taking the time out to answer some of our questions – it is most appreciated.

Dr. Watson: I’m glad to be of assistance.