Return of the D’ni Jazz Club

Shorah denizens of the D’niverse!

For the better part of the last year or so I had been pondering about bring DJC back. With it being the 25th Anniversary of Myst this year, indeed this weekend, I felt that this would be the perfect time for it.

So here we are…ta dah!

I have returned the site in the last build I was working on at the time of the site’s closure several years ago, albeit with some tweaks and updates.
Some of the sections have been moved around and condensed into other pages to make navigation a little less cluttered (difficult to do with the amount of information all the games contain).

Will I be updating the site? Yes absolutely. There is more to be added to the site like walkthroughs for all the games which were sadly not saved during my final backup thus I will have to redo those from scratch, as a result they weren’t going to be ready for the sites launch.

I am also rewriting all the Uru/Uru Live collectables pages to make them cleaner as well as a few new sections to go up in the future covering DIRT/MUDPIE and Until Uru. There is also areas of the sites appearance and styling elements that I’d like to further adjust.

You will also notice that we have a new domain name. Sadly due to a snafu I accidentally lost the old domain name, thus the change. If you have DJC bookmarked or listed on any of your own sites you might want to update the url.

If you have discovered any issues with the website, want to suggest features, or want to suggest a website to be added to the “Links” page then please feel free to contact us.

With that out of the way, welcome to the new visitors. To the old vistors, welcome back!