Starry Expanse

The Starry Expanse Project, also known as realRiven, is an official fan project to remake the game Riven: The Sequel to Myst in real-time 3D. Released in 1997, Riven is a classic point-and-click adventure game which, like its predecessor, presents its world as an interactive slideshow of pre-rendered images which can offer little more than a static snapshot of the game world. Our remake is an attempt to recreate Riven as a rich, fully realized 3D environment in which players are able to look and move in all directions, and immerse themselves in the Fifth Age like never before.

The project has been in development for almost a decade originally being built in the Plasma engine for Uru. As development has progressed the group has moved away from Plasma and are focusing on the game being a standalone project.

The group regularly gives demonstrations at the Mysterium gatherings showing the development progress they have been making.

For more information on the project feel free to check out the following links.