Prepare to enter a world “torn asunder” by timeless, unresolved conflicts.
A world of incomparable beauty, intrigue, and betrayal. Prepare to go to Riven. Journey through vast, awe-inspiring landscapes, where clouds sit nestled in a deep blue sky and the rolling sea waters shimmer from bright morning sunlight. But be forewarned: nothing is quite as it seems.

Reclusive beings and mysterious creatures populate the land. Deep, dark secrets lay hidden at every turn. Your utmost powers of observation and reason are required to complete a most elusive task.

You must let Riven become your world. Only then may the truth be discovered and a world be saved.

Riven stands as a story for all time, a story that evokes a sense of awe, wonder, and profound purpose. Prepare to go to Riven, a world unlike any you’ve ever known.

  • 4,000 breathtaking images.
  • 3 hours of astonishing animation.
  • Unprecedented graphic depth and detail.
  • 2 hours of alluring music and sound effects.
  • Immersive, multi-track sound.

System Requirements


  • Pentium 100 or faster
  • Microsoft Windows 95 or 98
  • 16 MB RAM
  • 80 MB drive space
  • 4x CD-ROM or faster


  • Power Mac
  • 12 MB RAM
  • 60 MB drive space
  • 4x CD-ROM or faster