Easter Eggs

This section contains spoilers which could ruin the game for you if you have not played it before, or have not yet reached the end.

This may contain spoilers from the other Myst games.

An Easter Egg is a hidden feature that creators put in their products for people to find. It can range from images to sounds or movie clips which are hidden to some degree. Other Easter Eggs are easy to find and can be seen during the course of a game, others are harder to locate and may require specific requirements to find them out.

Rush Limbaugh Understands

Rush Limbaugh Understands

Put your Myst game CD in the drive and play the file D:\QTW\Channel\holoamth.mov (if your CD-ROM drive is D), you will see a clip of Achenar muttering in what seems like another language. If you play the movie backwards you will discover what he is actually saying is

“Rush Limbaugh understands.”

To play the movie backwards, open it in Windows Media Player, show the Device menu and click Properties, you should now be able to select “Loop Back and Forth” and start the movie agian.

The Atari Library

Atari Library Atari Library

This Easter Egg is only available on the Jaguar (Atari) version of Myst. To access it you need to go to the planetarium on Myst island and enter May 22, 1970 6:30am into the console. The immediate front of the library will now be the Atari building, clicking up with show the team at Atari that ported Myst to the Jaguar.

MudPie (Myst Masterpiece Edition – Mac)

Mudpie Egg

To access this egg do the following.

  1. Enter the Mechanical Age
  2. Go to the console by the link in point
  3. Change all 4 symbols to the turned C symbol
  4. Click the lower right bolt.