Myst III Exile Soundtrack

Original Release Date: March 2001
Label: Released by Ubisoft
Composer: Jack Wall

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Tracks with the Listen to this track symbol next to them can be listened to.

  1. Main Theme
  2. Opening Titles Listen to this track
  3. Atrus’ Study Listen to this track
  4. Saavedro Enters
  5. Saavedro’s Theme
  6. A Heartbeat Away
  7. Saavedro’s Lair
  8. Theme From Amateria Listen to this track
  9. The Spider Spinner
  10. Libra’s Lever
  11. The Wheels Of Wonder Listen to this track
  12. Theme From Edanna
  13. Deadwood Ridge
  14. Swing Vine
  15. The Forest And The Swamp
  16. Them From Voltaic
  17. The Airship Chasm
  18. Energy Island
  19. The Confrontation
  20. He Sees Hope
  21. Let Me Go!
  22. Into Oblivion
  23. All Is Lost
  24. Trapped
  25. The Tide Has Turned
  26. The Dilemma
  27. All Is Well, My Friend
  28. Going Home Listen to this track
  29. Exile (Bonus Track)