Easter Eggs

This section contains spoilers which could ruin the game for you if you have not played it before, or have not yet reached the end.

This may contain spoilers from the other Myst games.

An Easter Egg is a hidden feature that creators put in their products for people to find. It can range from images to sounds or movie clips which are hidden to some degree. Other Easter Eggs are easy to find and can be seen during the course of a game, others are harder to locate and may require specific requirements to find them out.

Catherine and Yeesha

Catherine and Yeesha

This easter egg is located in Atrus’ study on Tomahna. Walk up to his desk and look at the picture of his wife Catherine and daughter Yeesha. To view the egg you will need to hold the ” ~ ” key and then click the picture.

The image becomes a real photo of the two actresses that play Catherine and Yeesha, Maria Galante and Audrey Uhler. Audrey Uhler is in fact the baby daughter of Greg Uhler who is the producer of Myst III Exile.

Roland’s Cat Revealed

Roland's Cat

To view this egg you must do the following (at the start of the game)

  1. Go into Atrus’ study towards his desk, on the shelf next to it are many bottles that look like pepper shakers. Zoom into this shelf and click the “pepper shaker” that is furthest left on the top shelf. Clicking on this one will zoom you out away from the shelf and back to Atrus’ desk. Now after Saavedro steals Releeshahn follow him into J’nanin.
  2. Once in J’nanin you will need to go to the light gun and activate it do that the suns beams can be routed through the scopes. Once you have done this direct the light in the following order; Yellow, Blue, Green and then Red.

At the red scope direct the light at the stone to the left, now hold the ” ~ ” key and click the towards the stone thats to your left. You will see Pepper the cat who belongs to Roland Gustafsson. Roland was one of the programmers for Myst III Exile, he has put his cat in every game he has worked on.



To view this egg you will need to follow Saavedro to the tower on J’nanin at the start of the game. Look though the locked outside door then hold down the ” ~ ” key and click the window. You will see Actor Brad Dourif hit himself in the head with a Linking Book.



To view this egg you will need to be in “Saavedro’s Lair” which is located in the bottom of the main tusk in J’nanin. Approach the hammock then click just left of it with the ” ~ ” key held down. The PEZ dispenser pictured with the initials MEB on it stands for Mike Brown. Mike was Exile’s lead animator and apparently has a rather large collection of PEZ dispensers.

Saavedro’s Watch


This egg will only work if Saavedro is still in J’nanin. To access it you need to head to “Saavedro’s Lair” at the bottom of the main tusk of J’nanin, to the lift. The lift needs to be in its original condition (ie the mechanism underneath the lift must not have been solved). Ride the elevator to the top, once there hold down the ” ~ ” key and click on Saavedro through the window. You will see Brad Dourif, the actor that plays Saavedro, bring his arm up as if to listen to something then break out laughing.

Edanna’s Moth


To access this egg you will need to make your way to the lowest level of Edanna (The Swamp) and find a leaf that acts like an elevator called the “Jumping Dragon”. Once you have located it go to the path left of the stairs that leads to the “Jumping Dragon”, then turn right to see a moth. Finally hold the ” ~ ” key and click on the moth.

The cats, Briggs (left) and Singer (right), belong to Kelly Standard who was the one behind the texturing of Edanna.