Tim Larkin Interview

The D’ni Jazz Club: How did you feel when Uru Live was put to bed?

Tim Larkin: Like going to bed myself.

DJC: How much music had you done for Live but will not be released?

TL: That’s a tough question, because there’s a bit of music left from URU live, and I think that at sometime in the future some of it might see the light of day.

DJC: Do you think that you’ll ever make it available for people to listen to?

TL: Yes. If not in game form, then somewhere else.

DJC: Will there ever be a CD Soundtrack for the Uru Expansion packs?

TL: Not likely.

DJC: Where do you find the inspiration for your work?

TL: In the game itself. The story and the environments most often. Sometimes ideas just happen, and I’m really not sure where they come from…
DJC: Have you taken a different approach toward the music for Something Else [tm] than you did with Uru?

TL: Yes. Quite different really. After all, it is something else…

DJC: How do you think fans will react to the music for SE?

TL: Hopefully in the same manner that they have in the past. I appreciate the enjoyment they get, their responses, and their critiques. It always helps to get feedback, both positive and negative. I’ve been very fortunate to have had the support of most of the community in the past. It’s a great group, and as a result, I enjoy writing more knowing they respond to it.

DJC: Early days I am sure but do you think there will be a soundtrack for SE like there was for Uru?

TL: I think that it’s a good possibility, but it hasn’t been really discussed much yet.

DJC: Do you have any project on the go that isn’t myst related?

TL: Yes. I just finished writing the score to a FPS. Quite a change for me and quite refreshing really. There should be some announcements coming soon from the developer.

DJC: If so how do you approach the music the same was as you would for a piece thats myst related or do you approach it a different way?

TL: Much different requirements for the FPS. Much more aggresive, and more edge to it. You’re competing with more sound and more action, while not trying to take away from either. It poses some interesting challenges.

DJC: What music has most inspired you?

TL: All kinds. I’m a big Thomas Newman fan, a big Miles fan, Russ Landau and countless film composers. I’m inspired watching friends of mine in the industry work. Every time I hear a score I’m amazed at the ideas that seem to continue to push boundaries. I’m fortunate enough to be able to play on other composer’s scores, and that is always an inspiration to try and produce better quality music.

DJC: What do you think of the work done by Robyn and Jack?

TL: I think they’re both very talented individuals and it shows in their work.

DJC: What do you have in your play list at the moment?

TL: The soundtrack to “Lemony Snicket” and the “Passion of The Christ”.

DJC: Thanks again your allowing us a moment of your time.

TL: My pleasure.