This section contains spoilers which could ruin the game for you if you have not played it before, or have not yet reached the end.

This may contain spoilers from the other Myst games.

It has been 10,000 years since the Ronay arrived in the Cavern which they would come to call D’ni. It has been 10,000 years that The Least have watched and waited for one to come and free them. Yeesha once took the The Quest to free the tablet, she thought she could make things better, and in doing so she failed to free the Bahro. Frustrated with her failure Yeesha sought to bring new people on The Quest to free the Bahro. One of these people was a D’ni citizen, an archivist called Esher, he too failed The Quest.

A new taker of The Quest appeared, helped along the way by Esher, the Quest taker learns about the plight of the Bahro and the struggled of Yeesha and her burden, passed onto her from Atrus. As the Quest taker travels through the Ages they learn a little more of how D’ni works, and gains insight into Esher’s true agenda.

In the end the Quest taker releases the Tablet from the Keep and releases the Bahro from their 10,000 years of servitude and Yeesha of her burden. Upon completing the Quest the explorer proves themselves to be worthy to be included in the new D’ni on the Age of Releeshahn. Esher angered by his failure to attain the Tablet for himself is dealt with by the Bahro, Yeesha and her father Atrus.



Actor: Rand Miller

Atrus is descended from D’ni and Surface dwellers. His grandmother Ti’ana discovered D’ni and married Aitrus a guildsman of D’ni [see: Book of Ti’ana]. Their son, Gehn, went on to marry a surface dweller called Keta after the fall of D’ni. Gehn and Keta had Atrus who is one quarter D’ni and 3 quarters human.

Honest and noble, Atrus was left to grow up in the Cleft with his grandmother Anna (Ti’ana) after his father Gehn fled when his wife died during child birth. At the age of 14 Atrus was taken to D’ni with his father who had returned for him. Atrus however grew very disillusioned with his father and tried to escape back to the Cleft and to his grandmother Anna.

As punishment Atrus was locked in the bottom of K’veer, the island mansion in which Gehn had lived since he arrived in D’ni, with the Riven Descriptive Book. With the assistance of Anna and a Rivenese villager called Katran (Catherine), they managed to trap Gehn on the Age of Riven [see: Book of Atrus]

Atrus settled on the Age of Myst with Catherine, who he later married, and his grandmother Anna. He later had two sons Sirrus and Achenar who later betrayed him and his wife in their desire for riches the Ages in Atrus’ library held. Atrus was trapped back in the same room his father had imprisoned him in due to his sons schemes, he was later freed by a stranger who found the Myst Linking Book that Atrus had dropped into the Fissure [see: Book of Atrus].

Atrus later left Myst island to start rebuilding the D’ni civilization, with the help of other D’ni survivors and the people of Averone they began to rebuild on the Age Releeshahn (The Whole) that Atrus had written for them [see: Book of D’ni]. Atrus and his wife then settled in to their new home they called Tomahna, it was there they had their new daughter, Yeesha.



Actor: None

The Bahro (D’ni – Bah = Beast, Ro = Person/People) are an ancient race long enslaved by the D’ni (the term Bahro appears in the Book of D’ni this was a generic term like foreigner) they are also known as The Least.

They have a distinct look about them with their leathery skin, insectoid features and large wings that wrap tightly around their chests. They live in many Ages in domed caves and can link at will without the use of any books or stones. Yeesha and Calam discovered the Bahro and the Tablet, when Calam died Yeesha set about forming the Journeys that would lead to the Bahro being released from their prisons.

The Tablet was returned to the Bahro and after 10,000 the Bahro regained their full power, what the future hold for them is unknown but it will no doubt effect the restoration of D’ni



Actor: David Ogden Stiers

Esher was a D’ni archivist who survived the Fall of D’ni by fleeing to Noloben.

The Bahro who inhabited the Age did not welcome him but Esher managed to survive. Esher moved into the Bahro’s home and made it his laboratory, trapping and dissecting the Bahro to learn all he could about then, finally learning their ability to link at will by wearing a hide from one of the creatures.

Esher was asked to take the Quest that Yeesha had failed, alas Esher failed himself and instead took it upon himself to help the other Quest takers in a bid to obtain the Tablet for himself, and for D’ni. Esher would make D’ni as it once was, scorning the DRC’s actions having learnt of the Restoration from Marie Sutherland [see: Uru].

Eshers actions were discovered and he was taken from Releeshahn by the Bahro, is fate is unknown



Actress: Regin Altay

Yeesha (D’ni for Laughter) is Atrus and Catherine’s third child, born after Atrus had finished writing Releeshahn for the D’ni survivors.

Nicknamed “Desert Bird” she left her family at the age of 16 to head out into the world, this eventually lead her to D’ni. It was there that Yeesha began to learn of D’ni and their fall, it was there she met Calam a D’ni writer. Calam and Yeesha learned from each other and from Calam’s knowledge Yeesha became probably the greatest D’ni writer. It was also during this time she discovered the Bahro, The Least as she called them. A race that had been enslaved for 10,000 years. Calam was later killed, and Yeesha went on to discover that she was “The Grower” that a man known as The Watcher had prophesied about.

Yeesha crafted the Journeys for people to take, to teach them of the true nature of the D’ni and its Ages. Yeesha’s future has yet to play out, according to a line of text in Words Yeesha has or will have a daughter of her own.