Book of D’ni

Book of D'ni Book of D'ni UK
Original Release Date: November 1997
Publisher: Hyperion
Author: Rand Miller & David Wingrove

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These pages are your link to the story of Eedrah, son of Jethhe Ro’Jethhe, lord of Terahnee – Eedrah’s ethereal homeland. Atrus sets out to rebuild D’ni and stumbles into this world of spectacular waterfalls, lush fields, rich music, and astonishingly beautiful architecture. Everything is perfect, but when a boy gets sick, only a prophecy and some fate can shape Terahnee’s destiny…

The Book was huge. Much bigger than a normal D’ni Book, the leather of its cover as thick and hard as slate, but strangest of all was the writing, for like the carvings on the pillars it was in a language none there recognized, though aspects of it were familiar.

For thousands of years the Book had lain there, sealed into the alchove at the far end of that ancient hidden hall.

With the help of friends from the world of Averone, Atrus begins searching for the scattered survivors of the fall of D’ni. With the survivors, construction begins, but is halted when a mysterious chamber is found, leading to the world of Terhanee. The Terahnee empire is greater and more beautiful than the D’ni’s; the people of Terahnee also have the power that made D’ni proud: the Art of writing Ages.

“I liked you, Ro’Eh Ro’Dan, and in other circumstances we might even have been friends.”

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