Book of Atrus Graphic Novel

The Book of Atrus: A Graphic Novel
Original Release Date:2013
Publisher: Self Published
Author:Heather Larkin

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Alone in the middle of a vast desert, Atrus lives a simple life with his grandmother. She excites him with stories about the D’ni, a great civilization that collapsed long ago. Atrus longs to know more about the D’ni, and his own past, than his grandmother will say. When a visitor enters their world and offers to take Atrus to D’ni, everything he’s been taught will come into question.

The Book of Atrus: A Graphic Novel

A fresh graphic adaptation of the novel, “Myst The Book of Atrus” by Rand and Robyn Miller with David Wingrove, telling the story behind the hit computer game MYST (1993). Adapted and illustrated by Heather Larkin.