New Patch for Uru CC

After a long, long time a new patch has been released for Uru CC by Mark “Chogon” DeForest.

I have recently been able to recreate the environment to build the Uru:Complete Chronicles executables! I have created an update beta patch that I would like to open up beta testing to all that have purchased Uru:Complete Chronicles.
If you have comments, questions or bugs, please post in this thread.

The beta patch is at


The patch holds new new content but does add some features like widescreen support.

1) Version displayed in the title of the game window (if in windowed mode)
2) Win10 Cursor fix (from Adam Johnson and Joseph Davies)
3) HD resolution support (16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratio resolutions).
4) DirectMusic disabled

You can read the full forum post by Chogon here:

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