New Myst Music from Russell Brower

Cyan have posted a new update to Kickstarter about the 5 Myst tracks being produced by Russell Brower and the updated Uru soundtrack.

Hello Backers!

We’ve got emails launching today to deliver the Bandcamp codes for the URU soundtrack with bonus tracks, and Russell Brower’s “Music Inspired by MYST” digital downloads.

The email you’ll receive will not only contain two codes – one for the URU soundtrack with bonus tracks, and one for Russell’s fabulous, inspired music – but will also contain these directions with the steps to help you redeem your music.

Russell’s Ages Inspired by Myst contains the following 5 tracks.

  • Arrival of the Stranger
  • The Fifth Age of Gehn
  • Releeshahn in Peril
  • Amulet of Memories
  • Inscriptions

Each track is based from each of the five Myst games.

The Uru Soundtrack has been updated with 10 “new” tracks. These new tracks have been heard before in game but not been available outside of the games SFX folder. The new tracks are as follows.

  • Sacred Space
  • Spore Views
  • Er’cana Harvest
  • K’veer Echoes
  • K’veer Finale
  • Minkata Badlands – Reprise
  • Dark Skies of Minkata
  • Return
  • Private Resonance
  • Storms of Yeesha

Backers will receive a download code for the two soundtracks regardless of the amount pledge (even if you pledged $1).

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