Myst 25th Kickstarter Rewards To Ship Soon

Cyan have updated their Kickstarter page with details on when the physical rewards will start making their way to the backers.

We’ve received word from the production house that manufacturing is almost complete! Boats have been reserved and by November 11th the linking books and inkwells will be loaded to begin their journey to your doorstep!

It’s been hard to wait for news on this, we know – even we didn’t find out about the product being ready until it was ready!

Shipping news

After the boat ride – between 4 to 6 weeks at sea (depending on destinations) – the Myst 25 rewards will be transported to Blackbox’s fulfillment centers for final processing.

Centers in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States will get their shipments. Then Blackbox will check, process, and pack the rewards for final shipping to your homes. This processing is expected to take between 2 to 4 weeks.
Those following along with a calendar can see this means rewards aren’t going to be arriving in time for Christmas.

After Blackbox has received, checked, processed, and packed the rewards for final shipment to you, the additional shipping time from Blackbox to each individual means we’re hoping Backers will start to see their rewards arrive by early February. This is our best guess, because until the product is in transit, this is all we know. We’ll keep you updated as we know more information.

They went on to state that the physical copies of the games are going to be shipped independently from the Linking Books and there is a good chance they’ll show up before Christmas. Cyan will be posting further updates on this in the future.

Finally they had the following to say about the Mac releases of the Myst games.

Some of you might have noticed a number of the Myst 25 games for macOS 10.13 have started appearing as available in GOG and Steam. While there was a glitch showing them as playable before they were quite ready, we can now share with you that 6 of the 7 are ready to play NOW!

Sorry there wasn’t more fanfare – we did a soft launch in order to catch any bugs that might have crept by our intrepid test team.

There are a few bugs we’re still chasing down and addressing as we find them.

We’ve also still got a bit more work to do on URU: Complete Collection before the macOS 10.13 build is ready to play for everyone. There are a number things to iron out there. Look for it in the coming weeks.

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