GoG Game Codes Going Out

Those who opted for game codes via GoG.com are starting to find them in their email inboxes.

If you have returned your completed survey, please have patience as you wait for your code. If you didn’t receive a code yet but did return your survey, it just means your number in the queue has not yet been served. The queue, remember, is 19,000+ backers.

There are many issues being handled behind the scenes, and we are working as fast and efficiently as we can to serve many, many help requests. If you sent a request for help already and didn’t get a reply yet, please have a bit more patience. You might not hear from us until next week, depending when you wrote in.

We are aware of an issue some Backers have run into when redeeming their Myst 25 code at GOG. It appears that if all the check boxes were not checked for all 7 games, only the games whose check boxes were ticked will be added to the Backer’s account.

If this has happened to you, please link to GOG SUPPORT immediately so they can begin working their magic (resetting your individual code) and get all the games you pledged to own into your account.